Leaders at every level are key to an organisation's ability to adapt and integrate innovations such as co-production and involvement. 

Executive teams and senior leaders have a specific role to play in shaping the organisation's culture and dynamics, and giving explicit permission to test and learn new ways of working - including by modelling these behaviours themselves. 

The professional development journey involved in developing a co-production practice is reflected in a personal development one, and we can only be effective agents of change if we bring self-relfection and self-awareness to our practice. 

We hold the space for this exploration, whether as one-to-one or small group coaching; action learning sets; or ad hoc facilitated reflections sessions.

Action learning for co-production

Action learning sets foster reflective group learning and enable collective support, to transform issues into actions, for different ways of approaching and solving problems effectively, new ways of thinking, and collective learning to drive improvement.

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