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We are co-production and citizen involvement specialists, and we work across sectors with the public services that support people’s lives: government, local government, public sector, voluntary / third sector, and education.

We help teams apply the values of co-production to their work, from collaborative working, through meaningful engagement, to full co-production and citizen involvement. Whether you’re a strategic or a delivery organisation, if you’re committed to working better together and to putting people’s voice at the heart of your work, then we are here to help.

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What you need to know about us

We do with you, not for you. We accompany your learning journey to embed practice and experience. 

We offer consultancy and training services, but we’re not your usual kind of consultancy. We’re here to support, mentor, advise, and guide – to cheer you on, validate your practice, and constructively challenge you to achieve the best results possible. We always aim to strengthen your capacity, capabilities, and confidence – so that when our journey together ends, you retain learning and experience that you can draw on again in the future.

We offer bespoke training in co-production, and in related skills such as co-evaluation and facilitation.

We support all sorts of projects, from focused task and finish pilots to embedding culture change. 

We bring co-evaluation approaches to measure impact and empower people to learn and grow. 

We design and facilitate collaborative and co-productive gatherings, online and in person.

We are consultants, facilitators, trainers, advisors, coaches and speakers, with specialist skillsets in co-production, citizen involvement, and related disciplines. We operate as a team of consultants who bring together extensive experience from across sectors. We work together to deliver projects, training sessions, workshops, and keynotes.

Our strength lies in our ability to combine hands-on facilitation and training skills, with advisory and strategic input. We can help you plan and run engagement events and co-design workshops; design and deliver co-productive interventions that contribute to stronger relationships and improved outcomes; and develop strategic models for centering people’s voice and contributing to organisational culture change.

We’d love to hear about what you’re working on, and explore how we can help. 

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