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We’re available to support and accompany your co-production journey, whether it’s a focused task and finish pilot, or a sustained plan to embed culture change – and anything in between.

How we work

We always start by getting to know you. We need to understand you, as a team and as an organisation, along with your expectations, aspirations and anticipated outcomes. We ask questions that bring clarity to the purpose of the project, and to our subsequent conversations.

From then on, we do “with” you, not “for” you. We accompany you on the journey and model a toolkit of techniques and skills which foster meaningful co-production and involvement. We guide and advise, and bring along our experience of working with a wide range of organisations and sectors. We support your team to build their skills, as well as their confidence with this approach. 

Illustration - a group of citizens and professionals is outdoors, gathered around plans they are discussing

Our projects all look very different, but three things always apply:

  • Diversity and inclusion, because it is fundamental that everyone who has a stake in the outcomes has a voice in the process. 
  • Monitoring and (co-)evaluation, so that we make sure we know what good looks like, and that we’re on the right track.
  • Building trusted relationships, because we might be working on a project but we always keep an eye on the long-term. 

We’re not your average consultancy. We will be present and hands-on alongside you every step of the way, but we will also equip you to do this for yourselves, so that the skills and experience you develop through the process are sustainable, and remain after we finish working together.

Illustration - a town street with shops and houses

What a short project may look like

We accompany and guide your implementation of co-production and citizen involvement, applied in practice to a specific challenge:

  • We identify your existing good practice and build on it.
  • We clarify what good co-production and citizen involvement looks like.
  • We mentor and guide your team to apply the approach to your issue.
  • We offer a flexible approach that combines training, facilitation, mentoring and support as needed.

One team, one challenge: a “how do we…” question.

What a culture change programme may look like

We help you to adopt co-productive behaviours and change the culture in your organisation:

  • Respond to legislative requirements around co-production and citizen involvement.
  • Embed co-production by building the skills, capability and experience in your teams.
  • Create space for innovation and functioning more as a learning organisation.
  • Build your ability to operate in complexity and respond to evolving contexts.
  • Develop new solutions to existing challenges by leveraging trusted relationships.

One lead organisation, working across multiple teams, with partners, and with citizens/communities.

Get in touch

Let’s have a conversation about where you are, and where you want to be. We can design a proposal combining training, mentoring, planning or advisory sessions, and facilitation, to suit your requirements:

Illustration - a park and playground

“Working with you ensured that all members of the team shared an understanding of co-production and a vision for how we wanted to embed it into our work and culture, as well as access to experience, knowledge and practical solutions from experts in the field. It never felt onerous or that we were ‘ticking a box’ and was both eye-opening and enjoyable.”
~ Lucy James, Lead Specialist Advisor – Engagement, Natural Resources Wales
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