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This is us!

We are consultants, facilitators, trainers, advisors, coaches and speakers, with specialist skillsets in co-production, citizen involvement, and related disciplines, and with extensive experience across sectors. 

To hire us:

Photo - Gwendolyn Sterk
Gwendolyn Sterk (CEO)

Photo - Treena Davies
Treena Davies

Photo - Mike Corcoran
Mike Corcoran

Photo - Noreen Blanluet
Noreen Blanluet

Photo - Gwenno Edwards
Gwenno Edwards

Photo - Becky Lythgoe
Becky Lythgoe

Photo - Vikki Butler
Vikki Butler

Photo - Jo McGreal
Jo McGreal

Photo - David Zilkha
David Zilkha

Photo - Dave Horton
Dave Horton

Photo - Sian Davies
Sian Davies

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