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We are consultants, facilitators, trainers, advisors, coaches and speakers, with specialist skillsets in co-production, citizen involvement, and related disciplines, and with extensive experience across sectors. 

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Mushiring'ani Monjero



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If you are interested in working as part of our team, get in touch.

Some things which might be useful for you to know: we are all freelancers working under the banner of Co-production Lab Wales. We also do some work for the Co-production Network for Wales when the need arises (events, training, advice and mentoring). Many of us carry out work for other clients, and/or are associates with other consultancies. Some of us are employed part time in an organisation and balance our freelance work alongside that. We tend to work on projects as small teams of between 2 and 4 people, and we support each other across the Co-pro Lab's portfolio of work.

A core group shares the strategic and operational responsibilities that support the delivery of project work, and reports to the Board of Directors of The Co-production and Involvement Network for Wales Ltd (the legal entity that covers the Co-production Network for Wales and Co-production Lab Wales). Any surplus generated on Co-production Lab projects contributes to the operating costs of the Co-production Network and the community of co-production practice that it supports.

If this set up sounds like it would work for you, and you have skills and experience that would contribute to our range of activities, do drop us a line to register your interest: We recruit approximately annually to grow the team, and we can let you know when the next window of opportunity opens.

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